1 Day in Afyon

1 Day in Afyon



Afyonkarahisar Castle, which dates back to 1350 BC, is located in the city center. The 226-meter-high fortress rises above a naturally elevated rock mass with a volcanic structure. The most beautiful part of this castle is the magnificent view of the city. If you come to Afyonkarahisar, you must visit the castle to watch the city's view.



The most important feature of the Seljuk period mosque consists of 40 wooden columns. The inscriptions on the two-winged pulpit covers carved in the Seljuk style contain surahs and writings stating the first construction date. Presentation of the tomb and exit from the mosque.



The bath consists of two parts as men and women. Introduction to the men's section, examination of the location of the navel, examination of the hellish section (water-boiled section), visiting the marble-mosaic workshop in the women's section, examination of the conference hall and exit.



Welcome at Mevlevi Mausoleum Mosque, Visiting Mevlevihane Matbah, Visiting Mevlevihane Dervish Cells, (Cells: Postniş's room, Cell room, Semazen room, Calligraphy and Mesnevi inn room, examination of manuscripts).

Mevlevi (Tomb) Entrance to the mosque, visit inside, visit the tomb of the Mevlevi elders in the semahane and leave the mosque.



The restored houses and mansions are in the same area as the historical places to be visited and can be seen during the trip.



Entrance to the bazaar through the door on the road to the castle, visiting the shops in the bazaar, seeing the inner parts of the historical bazaar.



Keçeci, Rosary master, Ebru artist, Ney workshop, rug sale and delicious katmer-pancake in the "Taşhan Bazaar" and acup of tea, coffee and so on. suitable place for snack products.



Welcoming at the entrance gate of the museum, visiting the hall where the artifacts are located, giving information about the artifacts, passing to the backyard, presenting information about the ancient artifacts in the garden, leaving.



Ahmed Karahisari Culture and Art Center in  you can visit the Egg and Arts Museum.



Ibrahim Alimoglu Music Museum within Afyon Kocatepe University (AKU) State Conservatory; is one of the most comprehensive music museums in the country, prepared with the contributions of businessman İbrahim Alimoğlu. The museum has more than 200 instruments from different countries with more than 100 years of history.

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Resul Bakar

Resul Bakar

" Afyonkarahisarla ilgili en dinamik, detaylı ve kolay anlaşılabilir bir tanıtım altbileşenleriyle bir araya getirilen dökümanlar için teşekkür ediyorum. iyi çalışmalar. "

02 Eylül 2020
Kurum Yetkilisi

Kurum Yetkilisi

" Görüş bildiren herkese çok teşekkür ederiz. Desteklerinizin devamlı olmasını dileriz. "

06 Ocak 2020
Ragıp Güneş

Ragıp Güneş

" Sayın Müdürüm, yapılan tanıtım çalışması çok güzel. Tebrik ediyorum. Ses ve fon müziği olabilirse daha ilgi çekici olur diye düşünüyorum. Selam ve Saygılarımla. Drragıp güneş Manisaafyonder "

01 Ocak 2020

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