Health and Healing

Health and Healing

Afyonkarahisar, equipped with thermal facilities, success in physical therapy practice, with medicinal spas and natural therapies "TURKEY'S CAPITAL OF THERMAL" is.

With its hot springs, drinking, mud baths and mineral waters, the city has all the necessary resources for health tourism.

Afyonkarahisar is one of the richest basins in the world, where people have been healing for thousands of years. The city, which has been healing with its thermal springs since the Byzantine Empire, is the most important province in terms of geothermal wealth.

Turkey, in terms of spa tourism and health tourism is the first in Europe. Afyonkarahisar is a healing center and a thermal water paradise with its many thermal facilities and therapy centers built on these thermal springs.

Thermal holiday, which is the best way to get rid of toxins, can be done for the current health problems and healing, as well as protecting body and mental health is very beneficial in terms of preventive health applications. All kinds of thermal treatments that are used directly or as a support for many diseases are applied in Afyonkarahisar.


Thermal pools, outdoor and indoor pools, children's pools, family pools, jacuzzi pools, mud baths, sauna, steam room, massage room, aromatherapy room, skin care room, salt room, straw room, sand room, ozone sauna in thermal hotels throughout the region There are also foot detox and doctor fishes. Some of the thermal facilities have physical therapy units in the field.

Afyon Kocatepe University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital is one of Turkey's most advanced treatment centers in the area. In addition to the outpatient treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, the hospital also offers a 24-hour inpatient care unit. Specialist physicians and physiotherapists provide programs for spinal cord injuries, head trauma, stroke, MS, cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases, all orthopedic rehabilitation and sports rehabilitation before and after surgery.

There are 4 tourism centers in Afyonkarahisar province which were announced by the Council of Ministers.



Although this region was removed from the status of thermal tourism center in 2019 due to the shrinkage of thermal tourism centers, it continues to be a tourism attraction center. Drinking and bathing in the Gazlıgöl Spa, which distributes healing to hundreds of local and foreign tourists every year, is used for therapeutic purposes. Humid and steamy air, which occurs in closed environments where water is present, also has a therapeutic effect on respiratory problems.

In general, rheumatic diseases, circulatory system syndromes and gastrointestinal disorders under the name; spastic pain syndromes of the liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestines, neuralgia, neuritis, arthrosis, saboreic skin diseases and gynecological diseases.

In addition to its mineral thermal waters, Gazlıgöl Hot Springs are also the source of Kızılay Mineral Water. Red Crescent Mineral Water has been known since the Hittites. It was understood from the remains uncovered during the construction of the facilities that water was last used during the Ottoman period.

Since 1900, some documents have been obtained about mineral water, which the ancients described as şi Sour Water ca for centuries. In the same year, a Belgian physician, Abdulhamid, the ruler of the period, was recommended to drink from Karahisar Mineral Water.

The first analysis of water was made in 1903 with a decree of the Sultan. The water, which started to be operated in the same year, has unique features in the world. The gold medal received at the Mineral Waters Fair in London in 1932 is cited as evidence of water quality.

The water contains a wide range of carbon dioxide gas as well as various salts. It is a delicious water that is good for heartburn, liver and kidney diseases.




According to the legend, King Midas was a King who had everything but had no children. King begged God day and day to have a child.  Finally, King Midas had a beautiful daughter. Suna, the daughter of the King; This beautiful girl has boils on her body. No physician has cured these juicy boils. Beautiful girl Suna, who cannot bear the pain and leakage and the sorrow of these unhealed wounds; fallen to the roads. He wandered around without saying a mountain peak. King Midas sent a scout after him to look after his daughter.

The beautiful girl who came to Afyonkarahisar near the king's territory. Suna is very thirsty because it is in summer. He looked for water to get some water. He has seen water surrounded by greenery in the places where Gazlıgöl spa is located. Thirsty roasted girl, ran into the swamp around the water.

He leaned and drank from the water. He also looked at the places where the water touched a sweet tickling, a pain cut, a peace has occurred. Beautiful girl has thrown herself into the water. His pains slowed down. Out of the water for days, sleepless and tired of reaching out there and fell into a deep sleep. When Suna woke up, she saw that her pains disappear and her boils began to dry.

He stayed by the water for a week. A week later, his boils and wounds completely disappeared. Seeing the old beauty of the waters of the beautiful Suna on the contrary, has gone mad from joy. The watchers, who were watching her, came to her when she realized that she had recovered. Suna told me what happened to her.

Then they went back to the palace. King Midas, who was curious about his daughter and mourned day and night, was delighted to see his daughter recovered. Tell your daughter, "Which physician healed you? said. Suna, "not the doctor, the country healed the hot water, father," he replied.

This spa is thought to have been used since the time of the Phrygians.


Hudai Thermal

The legendary history of the Phrygians dates back to the Phrygians and is located in the district of Sandikli. It is known that the healing waters of Sandıklı have been a cure since the oldest periods of history. Since the Phrygians, the spa has been famous for its healing mud baths.

The ruins of the historical baths used by the Romans in ancient times are worth seeing. Rheumatism, Rheumatoid (febrile rheumatic diseases), Neuralgia (inflammation spread along the nerve), Neuritis (nerve end inflammations), Polinevritis (inflammation of multiple nerves),

Tendinitis (tendon injury), Pariatritis (arthritis of the joints), Arthritis (arthritis of the joints), Cellulite (soft tissue rheumatism), Sciatic (compression of the sciatic nerve), Spondylitis (calcification of the spine), Mialgia (muscle pain), Gynecological diseases Polyp Sequelae (polio sequelae),

Hemiplegia (paralysis of each side of the body), Paraplegia (paralysis of both lower extremities), Sequelae of Fracture - Dislocation, Sequelae from accidents and surgeries, Spirit, Fatigue, Fatigue Fatigue, Intestinal Diseases, Reduction of stones and sands in the kidneys, and Skin diseases it is known.


Archbishop Saint Michel of Hieropolis

During the first Christian era, Archbishop Saint Michel of Hieropolis (Koçhisar) showed a miracle by treating the patients in the spa, so he called the old books “The Miracles of You Michel“. Because of this source of healing, Hieropolis is known as the Şehir Bible City,,

therefore, the province of Afyonkarahisar along with other spas was called Phrygian Salutaris (Phrygia).


Paulus, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ

Sandıklı which is located in Phrygian land is known as Pentapolis in that period. Paulus, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, also served as a bishop in this region. Talmud tells the history of Judaism on page 315. It is reported that the wine and baths of this region were famous during the Phrygian period.


Where does Hüdai come from?

During and after the Phrygians, the thermal springs were called Phrygian Salutaris (Medicinal Phrygia). In Latin, instead of the word ut Salut gelen which means getting rid of troubles, today the word UD God Bless ’, ifa Healing Versin’ and ‘HUDAİ gelen are used.


Queen of the Christian Age Inscriptions

The inscription, which is of great importance in terms of the history of Christianity and called as the Kral Queen of the Inscriptions of the Christian Period ’, was found in Sandıklı, and in 1892, Sultan II. It was revealed that Abdulhamit was given a gift to the Vatican with permission. In this inscription sent to the Vatican, it is an indication that the grave of St. Abercius is in Sandıklı.


Treatment of the daughter of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurellius

This book, written about 1600 years ago, tells the life of St. Abercius living in the city of Hieropolis near the Hüdai Hot Springs and is expected to shed light on the history of the spa. According to this book, 16-year-old daughter of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurellius Lucilla becomes ill. He sends his two men to Sandikli to treat his daughter and invites St. Abercius to Rome. Upon this invitation, he went to Rome and treated Lucilla to St. Abercius. In response to the goodness of Faustina Abercius, the mother of the Roman emperor, she sent an architect to the Hüdai thermal springs and built a bath.


Ömer Thermal

Located 15 km away from the city center, Ömer Spa offers a solution for diseases such as polio with its 125 year old pool.

Evliya Çelebi mentions this spa in the ninth volume of the Travelogue. It is written on the grave stone in the spa that Ömer Dede found this source by digging the ground with his baton. Although there is no information about the history of the spa used in the past, the inscription belonging to the person who built the large pool of the spa is dated 1889.


Gecek Thermal

Ömer Spa is 15 km away from the city center and is effective in treating orthopedic disorders. Bath therapy has been shown to be beneficial in rheumatic disorders, neuralgia, neuritis, polyvinrite treatments, physical rehabilitation of orthopedic intervention, metabolism and gynecological diseases.

In addition, positive results were obtained in obesity and diabetic disorders.


Heybeli thermal

The Heybeli thermal springs in Boldavin are also known as the Red Church. Heybeli spa water BC. As a result of the great earthquakes that occurred in 295, it is thought to have gushed out on the plain. The spa is also called the ‘Red Church and this name is located in the west of the town before the region passed under Turkish rule.

From the church for the spa, the name Kirsiz Spa is also used due to the sediment (kirs) formed from the spa waters.

In addition to being a cure for many diseases, it is also called ‘Scabies Bath nedeniyle because it is especially good for skin diseases and scabies. Water is used in the treatment of rheumatic disorders, neurological problems, infertility in men, skin diseases and gynecological diseases.

Rheumatic diseases, inflammatory joint rheumatics, calcifications, psoriasis-like skin diseases, soft tissue rheumatism, lumbar and neck hernias, disc diseases such as siafalgia, fascia-tendon diseases, gall bladder, kidney and urinary tract diseases, mechanical back and neck pain,

stiffness in the joints after various orthopedic surgeries, digestive system disorders, neurological diseases, muscle diseases, strengthening of the organism by regulating the rate of iron, elimination of inherent weaknesses, some long-standing inflammatory diseases,

sexual dysfunctions and infertility problems in men, stress and stress-related problems, insomnia, irritability, physical and mental fatigue, forgetfulness, hair loss and breakage nail and skin diseases, skin beauty and diseases, chronic pains, is good for gynecological diseases.

Although this region was removed from the status of thermal tourism center in 2019 due to the shrinkage of thermal tourism centers, it continues to be a tourism attraction center.




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