Traditional Dishes

Traditional Dishes


Afyonkarahisar Cuisine has a rich variety with its traditional tastes. The use of poppy and poppy oil is common, especially in pastries, and meat has a special place in meals. Goce and dugu obtained from the chickpea and wheat (fine ground bulgur) is widely used in meals. Eggplants with more than 20 kinds of dishes are of special importance in Afyonkarahisar Cuisine. “Eggplant pastry” is unique to Afyonkarahisar. In Afyonkarahisar, public meals are eaten at the square tables set up on special days and this dish is called “queue dinner.. According to the nature of the invitation, the range of meals can range from 10-15 meals to 40 meals. At the end of the dinner, “okra” is given to facilitate digestion.

Afyonkarahisar’a special dishes, goce tarhanası; all meat dishes, Afyon kebab, veil turkey; vegetable dishes such as eggplant rolls, stuffed ilibada, eggplant-leek-parsley-zucchini musakkaları, stuffed stuffed leaves and sour gumbo are the tastes to taste. In pastry, there is a special place for cart, open mouth, pie, poppy bending, hearth bending, layering, sizzling and cooking.

afyon patlican borek

eggplant rolls


Afyonkarahisar, which has been home to many civilizations since the oldest periods of history, is located in a geography bearing the traces of historical and cultural values. The economy of Afyonkarahisar is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. This is the main determinant of the formation of food culture. When the dishes of Afyonkarahisar region are examined, it has a rich cuisine with soups, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, rice, pastries and desserts. Pastry is also widely used. The intense use of some of the products grown in the region in local dishes constitutes a richness of variety. In addition, the branded products of Afyonkarahisar are quite high.

Afyon Sausage, which identifies with Afyonkarahisar such as cream, sausage, Turkish delight, poppy, creamy bread kadayif, meat and meat products, confectionery products, Afyon Pastirma, Afyon Cream, Afyonkarahisar Potato Bread, Şuhut Keskeği, Çay District Cherry etc. geographical signs Afyonkarahisar Ticaret ve Ticaret has been taken under protection by our country.




Among the dinner meetings and invitations in Afyonkarahisar are “birth invitations, death meals, circumcision weddings and invitations, pilgrim invitations, zinardı invitations, boy henna invitations, grooming invitations, hand kissing and dowry invitations, traveling dinners. In these invitations, according to the nature of the invitation, guests are presented with different food presentations. These are discussed in detail below.

Birth Invitation:

After birth, relatives close to the house of the mother send a “basket.. The meals served to guests at birth are called “basket” and this is called “food basket“. In the “Food Basket; chicken-muffin, rice soup and creamy palize. The meals of the birthday invitations are not cooked by the host. An invitation is made with meals from close relatives. In the invitation to naming, meals are brought by relatives. The “birth basket includes the following dishes: Soup, Palize, Cream, Chicken or meat and fruit.

For special occasions such as birth, circumcision, weddings and invitation meals, there are two types of meal lists: “pilaf set” and row meals. “Rice set bulunur includes rice soup, Uzbek rice, compote, pastry, semolina halva and okra. During the summer months, there are also aubergines with meat and stuffed meat. Rice soup, whole meat, moussaka, custard, trotters, baklava, okra, green beans and fruit are included in the line dinner.



Funeral Meals:

On the night of death and the first Thursday, the dinner is prepared by close friends and relatives, just like at birth. In case of death, close relatives and neighbors prepare the food while the more distant ones send or make pastry and compote. The following dishes are usually included: Soup, Afyon Kebab, Eggplant Moussaka, Stuffed Pepper Dolma, Cannonball, Ochre, Burrito.



Afyon Kebab


Unlike other invitations, instead of a row meal, meat on rice and Uzbek rice, compote, pie, dessert or fruit, okra are served according to the season. In Afyonkarahisar, during the engagement and weddings, the following meals are given at the square table where 15-20 people sit and eat as “dinner yeme: Soup, Turkey with veil, Trotter, Creamy apple dessert (diamond), Eggplant moussaka, Tas meat, Custard, Liar stuffed, Güllaç , Chicken stew, Burrito, Baklava, Okra, Rice, Compote etc. as seen, fifteen kinds of food comes to the table. Among these dishes, four kinds of meat dishes and four kinds of dessert is the rule. 


Before or after the pilgrimage, the invitation of close relatives and friends is presented with rice, pies and compote just like the circumcision wedding. In rare cases, a range of meals is served. In these invitations, the teacher is called and the mevlit is read.


After the engagement, it is the invitation to come to the girl's family of the boy's family and wear the jewelry of the mother-in-law and the girl's side. According to the customs of Afyonkarahisar boys and girls to each other to buy clothes for engagement is called “esbap”. “Esbap” is also shown on the engagement night. Since this invitation was held the day after the engagement night, it was called “invitation to zinardı".

Groom Invitation:

The groom henna is an entertainment organized by the groom and his friends in the groom's house. Such an invitation is given when the boy goes to the military. A variety of appetizers and drinks are available, as well as a line-up meal. In the groom's henna, the following meals are brought to the square table which is prepared for 15-20 people: Rice soup, whole meat, eggplant moussaka, false stuffing, creamy bread kadayif or baklava and finally okra.

Dowry Ivitations:

The most ambitious invitations in Afyonkarahisar invitations are dowry invitations. Dowry invitation is made by the girl's family, dowry download invitation is made by the boy's family. The meals are prepared by the cook in both invitations. At least 40 to 50 people are prepared for dinner.

The dishes are: Rice soup, Whole meat, Moussaka, Water custard, Trotters, Chicken stew with chickpea, Baklava, Okra Rice with fresh beans or, instead, small dishes, Seasonal rice There are at least three types of meat dishes and three types of desserts in the invitations for dowry. In invitations, the girls' family includes stew, pies, rice, compote, custard, rose stuffing etc. approximately 40 kinds of food and dessert can be served.


Gezek, who have an important place in the social life of Afyonkarahisar, are a multifaceted solidarity activity. Gezek gathering together and eating-drinking, entertainment, complaints, wishes and punishments are organized according to certain rules during a trip. This tradition continues as a disciplined and entertaining tradition of Afyonkarahisar's social life. Fifty-sixty years before today, most of the travelers were made with food. In the old Afyonkarahisar trips, meals called queues were served. This meal included the following dishes: Rice soup, Whole meat, Moussaka (zucchini and eggplant moussaka), Water pudding, Creamy apple dessert (Elmasiye), Baklava, Okra, Fruit According to the season Some dishes may be replaced by other dishes. For example, after the soup Uzbek pilaf, then the tray with pies and mouth open, bending, compote, (sour cherry, apricot, rosehip, quince, apple, grape), stuffed with olive oil; dessert as wire kadayif, creamy bread kadayif and so on. In the 1930s and 1940s, it was customary to cut turkeys on trips. These were called “veils" because of the dough that was covered on the cooked turkey.

The other two important dishes made in the old Afyonkarahisar trips are “arabaşı” and “halva“. Unfortunately, the number of traveling travelers has decreased considerably today. In addition, the creamy and creamy bread kadayif was called “veil nedeniyle because of the dough that was covered on the table. The other two important dishes made in the old Afyonkarahisar trips are “arabaşı” and “halva“. Unfortunately, the number of traveling travelers has decreased considerably today.

In addition to the above-mentioned invitations, there are Ramadan invitations, Hıdırellez invitations, military invitations, holiday invitations and bridal invitations in Afyonkarahisar. The range of dinners included in these invitations include: Soup, Afyon Kebab, Dolma, Water Custard, Green beans, Dessert (bread kadayifi, baklava), Okra.


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