Egg Museum

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Egg Museum

Turkey's first Eggs and Arts Center in Afyonkarahisar ... Turkey's first egg Arts Center, as well as eggs from different species of animals and eggs have become works of art are exhibited. Afyonkarahisar in the center of Turkey's major egg production center, the world's 6th in this area, is the first exhibition center in Turkey. Afyonkarahisar held in a museum Egg Arts Center concept is a first in Turkey is emerging as central aspects of the sectoral promotion. In the center established with the concept of egg and egg arts; The works related with Turkey's 22 in the 240 manufacturers in 37 different races from 9 cities 10 eggs from the egg and the egg master works of art are exhibited. In the center where there are eggs from many wild animals, from eggs and sharks to caretta caretta, from snakes to grasshoppers, which have turned into approximately 100 works of art, real egg samples and documents belonging to Turkish Poultry and Egg Sector can be seen together. In the meantime, all the eggs exhibited were taken from the dead embryos and were paid special attention not to affect the survival of the eggs.


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