Akdağ Nature Park

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Akdağ Nature Park

Akdağ Nature Park lush forests, water resources, vast meadows; with its rich vegetation and wildlife, it gives your monotonous life peace and vitality in a moment. 20 km long Tokalı Canyon is worth a visit.

After visiting Akdag Nature Park, you can take a mud bath in the Hüdai Hot Springs. After a resting, traditional dish, you can visit the Sandikli town. You can see the mansions of the Ottomans in the Sandıklı and attend the Yaren Night.

Kocayayla is located on the outskirts of Akdag, which is located within the boundaries of Sandikli district and some of it overflows to Hocalar and Kiziloren districts. In height. Kocayayla and 35 km. distance to the right of Ankara-Antalya road to the town of Horkalar through the asphalt road to the town of Sorkun is one of the rare places. Starting from Sorkun, the road starts with oak forests through stabilized forests and the pine trees intensify as high as 1.600 m.

Lush forests, water springs, meadows; in short, the wildlife equivalent to the rich vegetation (yılkı horses, deer, pigs, foxes, wolves, etc.) peace and vitality gives to our lives. Natural footpaths, horseback riding trails, cycling trails, wildlife viewing points, trout farms, ponds, social facilities for excursionists and campers will make these beauties even more attractive and unique.

There are many caves worth seeing around Kocayayla where activities can be made to serve nature lovers and people of all ages who want to stay alone with nature. The 20 km long canyon is and Akçay is worth a visit. There are caves where human beings do not set foot along the canyon and routes that will attract trekkers' interest.

Akdag was used as a settlement during the Roman period. The main ruins in Karakaya, sarcophagus-shaped tombs, the ruins of walls in Saraç, the stone monument with chain and bucket paintings bear traces from the Roman period.

Akdag; It is a natural wonder with its canyon, cave, plateau, historical structures, yılkı horses, wildlife and vegetation.

Adventure enthusiasts while cross the canyon; they may have to swim from time to time and climb from time to time. The canyon, which can be crossed in an average of 7-8 hours, ends with a wide valley. (The canyon is 12-13 km long and narrows from 10-15 meters to 1-1.5 meters in width)

This unique place has been declared as Koruma Wildlife Protection Area ce by the Ministry of Forestry, National Parks and General Directorate of Hunting and Wildlife.


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