Albay Reşat Çiğiltepe Martyrdom

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Albay Reşat Çiğiltepe Martyrdom

A patriot who is honorable enough to give up his life for a 45-minute delay. Resat Bey, who was a successful soldier, was finally assigned to the 57th Regiment Command. The Commander-in-Chief Mustafa Kemal Pasha himself was ordered to clear Çiğiltepe from the enemy on the second day of the Great Offensive, the most strategic obstacle in front of all the roads from the Sinanpaşa Plain to Dumlupınar, which is located in the most critical position that will affect the fate of the country and the nation. However, the Greek Commander-in-Chief Trikopis, who knows the importance of this hill, has piled up his strongest forces with superior firepower and completed the fortifications. When Mustafa Kemal noticed the hill and the Greek fortifications, Colonel Reşat Bey phoned and asked when he would take the hill. Reşat Bey reports that he will take the hill to half an hour. As a result of violent clashes, Reşat Bey, who could not take the hill at the time he reported the hill, committed suicide by regretful failure to fulfill his promise. 45 minutes after his suicide, the 57th Division soldiers cleared the hill from the Greek troops, which would change the course of the war in the name of love and souvenir for their commander.


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