Amorium Ancient City

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Amorium Ancient City

Hisarköy in Emirdağ is also a city. It has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. This city was named as Aura during the Hittites. Amorium is the name of the city in the Classical era. The city, which was autonomous in the Hellenistic period and semi-autonomous in the Roman period, minted bronze coins on behalf of the emperor. During the Byzantine period, it became even more important as it was a military center and it became the second largest city after Istanbul. Seized the administration during the Byzantine period and known as the Phrygian dynasty. Amorium is the largest city in the north of Asia. On the territory of this city, a small river called Çıldırın Creek (Knepelaos) flows from Amorium coins. The inscriptions from the Roman period were found in door type tombstones, a kind of local grave monument in North and Central Phrygia. In the Amorium, these tombstones were reused on the Byzantine walls.


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Mehmet. Tanır

Mehmet. Tanır

" Amorium Antik Kenti 3D canlandırmayı yaparak, şehrin sosyal, ticari, askeri vb. canlandırılmasında büyük emeği olan kazı başkanımız Prof. Dr. Zeliha Demirel Gökalp hocamıza kurumum adına teşekkür ederim. Mehmet Tanır "

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