Great Assault Martyrdom

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Great Assault Martyrdom

It has been thought that the conquest of Anatolia by civilizations would be possible with the coquest of Afyon. The Greeks, who wanted to dominate Anatolia during the occupation years, chose this place as a base. One of the turning points of our struggle for liberation, the Great Offensive war started here. Preparing our army with great secrecy for this important war, Mustafa Kemal knew very well that in the event of a possible defeat, the dominance of us Turks in Anatolia would be jeopardized.

Within 4 days, 2425 heroes were martyred. There is a tombstone belonging to 500 martyrs representing this martyrdom for the Great Offensive. At the entrance, there is an 8-meter-high arched door and 18-meter-high Commander-in-Chief Mustafa Kemal Monument. In the second anniversary of the Great Victory, we see Atatürk's words in the ceremony on Dumlupinar's play Hill.: “There must be no doubt that the foundation of the new Turkish state, the young Turkish Republic, was strengthened here, and its eternal life was crowned here. The Turkish blood flowing in this field, the souls of martyrs flying in this sky are the eternal Guardians of the state and our republic.


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