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It is one of the oldest districts established 70 km northeast of Afyonkarahisar. Name; Emir Afşin, who opened the region to the Turkish settlement, and from the Emirdağları where he leaned, or because the name of the ancient Amorium city was pronounced as Emirdağ after Turkishization. The district became the district center under the name of Aziziye in 1870, and in 1937 the name of Aziziye was changed to Emirdağ. It is an uninterrupted settlement area that dates back to the Hittites. Aurra (Hisarköy), Yedikapı (Başkonak village), on the way to the king. Amorium became one of the important centers of Anatolia in the Roman era, and the bronze coin was minted. It was the third largest city in Europe and the second largest city in Anatolia during the Byzantine period. The famous fable master Aesop (620 BC) was born in Amorium. Emirdağ settlement in the region BC. It goes back to 1437. Area; Hittites, Lydians, Persians, Hellenes, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans came under the sovereignty and bear traces of these societies. Handicrafts have an important place in the district. Intensive rugs, lace, needlework, handicrafts such as silk carpets are made.


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