Giresunlular Martyrdom

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Giresunlular Martyrdom

"Heroism is to go forward for independence and freedom and is not to return."

During the Great Attack and the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief, the soldiers of the volunteer regime from Giresun and its region were martyred here and it was named as Giresunlu Martyrdom ". The Greek army that occupied our country was located in "Kabachkirar" and "grandfather" locations within the boundaries of our district, Elm and Doğanlar villages. During the Independence War, Topal Osman, the 47th Regiment, consisting of volunteers from Giresun and its region, was commanded. The 47th Regiment under the command of lame Osman expelled the Greek army from the Dedesivritepe position on the 26th of August 1922 night at 02:30 and continued for 36 hours. He spent the night in the 47th Regiment with a battalion of Kabachkıran, two battalions of grandfather and Evliya. During this battle, 14 Giresunlu volunteers were killed. 47. On the same day, the martyrs buried their fallen martyrs to Dedesivritepe and continued to chase the Greek army again a day later. Giresunlu Ahmet Halis Asal, a member of combatants unit who fought on the same hill, came to Doganlar Village in 1964 to visit the battlefield and visit the graves of his fallen martyrs. After visiting the graves in Dedesivritepe, he stayed in Doganlar village for a few days. He decided to make his friends a martyrdom. It was built in 1967 with the help of Ahmet Halis Asal and the retired general Doctor Ali Riza Erkan, Giresunlu Governor Ahmet Balkan and the Western Range Command and Doğanlarli villagers, surrounded by stone walls.


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Seydi Çalışkan

Seydi Çalışkan

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