Hava Martyrdom

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Hava Martyrdom

The martyrdom which was in Afyonkarahisar Asri Cemetery was made in 1933-1936 together with the Asri cemetery. They were buried here martyrs the National Struggle later . During the National Struggle, on the morning of 24 July 1922,  Lieutenant Pilot Cemaleddin and 

lieutenant Reşit Bahaeddin, who took a reconnaissance flight south of Afyonkarahisar by taking off from Aksehir headquarters, were attacked by two Greek aircrafts and Greek planes were shot down in the air collision. However, in the meantime, there was no ammunition for the Turkish aircraft. As a result of the attack of two Greek planes coming to the fortress, they fell and died in the vicinity of Gazlı lake. The funeral prayer of the martyrs was performed in the Mevlevi Mosque with the participation of a large congregation. The funerals were first buried in the Kadınana Cemetery next to the cut tomb of Sultan Sultan. Two broken airplane propellers were installed on the railings of the martyrdom, whose façade was surrounded by iron fence near the cut tomb. The martyrdom here was transferred to Asri Cemetery in 1936. The monumental tomb in the Asrî Cemetery was first built in the name of Bahaeddin and Cemaleddin. Old Monument XX. It was demolished at the end of the century and rebuilt as reinforced concrete. The green field of the martyrdom was arranged upon need and new martyrs were buried here. The martyrs' base is written on the following: "Funeral ceremony of the Turkish Tayyareciler martyrs who were martyred in the Battle of Afyonkarahisar 25 July 1338. Kahraman Bahaeddin and Cemalettin Beyler were martyred by the Greeks by silencing the aircraft.

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