Heybeli Thermal

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Heybeli Thermal

Heybeli Thermal

The Heybeli thermal springs in Boldavin are also known as the Red Church. Heybeli spa water BC. As a result of the great earthquakes that occurred in 295, it is thought to have gushed out on the plain. The spa is also called the ‘Red Church and this name is located in the west of the town before the region passed under Turkish rule.

From the church for the spa, the name Kirsiz Spa is also used due to the sediment (kirs) formed from the spa waters.

In addition to being a cure for many diseases, it is also called ‘Scabies Bath nedeniyle because it is especially good for skin diseases and scabies. Water is used in the treatment of rheumatic disorders, neurological problems, infertility in men, skin diseases and gynecological diseases.

Rheumatic diseases, inflammatory joint rheumatics, calcifications, psoriasis-like skin diseases, soft tissue rheumatism, lumbar and neck hernias, disc diseases such as siafalgia, fascia-tendon diseases, gall bladder, kidney and urinary tract diseases, mechanical back and neck pain,

stiffness in the joints after various orthopedic surgeries, digestive system disorders, neurological diseases, muscle diseases, strengthening of the organism by regulating the rate of iron, elimination of inherent weaknesses, some long-standing inflammatory diseases,

sexual dysfunctions and infertility problems in men, stress and stress-related problems, insomnia, irritability, physical and mental fatigue, forgetfulness, hair loss and breakage nail and skin diseases, skin beauty and diseases, chronic pains, is good for gynecological diseases.

Although this region was removed from the status of thermal tourism center in 2019 due to the shrinkage of thermal tourism centers, it continues to be a tourism attraction center.


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