Imaret Mosque

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Imaret Mosque

The Grand Vizier Gedik Ahmet Pasha had the architect Ayaz Aga built in 1472. Therefore, it is also known as Gedik Ahmet Pasha Mosque. Its embroidery belongs to Abdüssamedoğlu Hasan. Müftifzade Ahmet restored the mosque in 1795. It has two domed planes in reverse T shape. The last congregation site in the north is covered with 6 round columns, 5 pointed arches and 5 octagonal dome. The minaret with a single balcony is decorated with grooved forms. The grooves are covered with dark blue tiles. The entrance door with muqarnas is made of pencil engraved marble. The repair letter on it bears the date of 1795. There are two windows on the east, west and north walls, and three rows on the qibla wall. The T-shaped interior is covered by two large domes and the rooms on two sides are covered by three small domes.



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