Karakuyu Lake

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Karakuyu Lake

Karakuyu Pond, which is a 1st Degree Natural Protected Area and is in line with the transition from Afyonkarahisar's inner Aegean terrestrial climate to Mediterranean climate, has an important plant wealth. Excess water resources prevent the lake from freezing in winter. Straw grass, reed, water lily and many plant species that grow in most of the lake constitute the rich flora. In addition to the discovery of this region since 1991, duck, pike, stork, heron, clumsy long leg heron, reed mad, kingfisher, angut, willow nightingale, flamingo, swan birds began to stay in this region. In the mountains in the south are rock eagles and hawks. The transformation of Karakuyu Pond into a bird paradise has also been an good service. In recent years, reeds in the lake have not been cut and left to rot has reduced oxygen in the water. Decreasing oxygen in water makes it difficult for fishes to survive.


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