King' s Road

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King' s Road

Hittites, BC They organized an expedition on Arzava around 1380 and took control of these principalities and opened the longest trade route of that period (Boğazköy-Apassa [Ephesus]) to Hittite trade. This road, which will later be called “King's Road, reaches the Aegean via Hisarköy, Bolvadin and Dinar.

B.C. From the middle of the 6th century onwards, the Persians, who became a world state, achieved political superiority in Afyon. In this period, in order to keep the connection with the Aegean Sea, Geleneia (Dinar) became the province center. Although Xerxes is said to be a palace or hunting lodge, it has not yet been found. A transportation road was built from Sardis, the center of Lydia, to Sus, the center of Persia. This road, called the King's road, passes through the city of Geleneia. This is also a commercial route. Therefore, there is still plenty of silver Dâra (Darius Coin) from this period.


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