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During the Directorate of Bolvadin High School, Muharrem Bayar gathered the works of art that he collected in the school yard with special attention and effort. After the restoration of the Yanık Barracks in 2008, the Bolvadin Municipal Museum moved to the Yanık Barracks building and serves as the City Museum. In addition to the artifacts from the Bronze Age, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and Republican Periods collected from the center and villages of Bolvadin; archaeological, ethnographic, coin, archive documents, including a total of 988 works. In particular, local features such as Bolvadin creamery, wickerwork and handicraft are exhibited. On the ground floor there is a living room, bridal room, conference hall and exhibition hall in Bolvadin region; On the upper floor, there is also an exhibition hall and a library. Birds are found in many different environments. Among the bird species found in the creeks and canyons are Akkuyruk (Motacilla alba), Dere bird (Cinclus cinclus) and Dere whistle (Actitis hypoleucos). In wooded areas, Crested Lark (Galerida cristata), Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs), Red-throated = Pomegranate Nightingale (Erithacus rubecula), Red-tail (Phoenicurus ochurus), Grizzly Wheate (Oenanthe isabellina), Blackbird (Turdus merula), Pine Tit (Turdus merula) ater), Rock nuthatch (Sitta neumayer), Flaxbird (Carduelis chloris), Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) and Black-headed bunting (Emberiza melanocepala).

Rocky swallow (Ptyonoprogne rupestris) spread in rocky areas. In the canyon in Akdağ, there is the canyon pigeon (Columba livia). The bearded vulture or lamb bird (Gypatus barbatus) and scarlet vulture (Gyps fulvus), which are endangered by extinction in the high cliffs of the canyon, are rarely found. Hoopoe, Hythute or Sergeant bird (Upupa epops) is a bird species seen in open area. Kizilahahin (Buteo rufinus), a bird of prey, is widespread in the region. This animal lives in all kinds of forests, meadows and fields. It feeds on mice, mole, rabbits, frogs, fish, lizards, snakes, birds, snails, insects and larvae. It is especially beneficial for agriculture because it feeds on mice, mole and pests. Acıgöl, Eber Lake, Karakuyu reeds in these bird species can come across.

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