Mısri Sultan Kasımpaşa Mosque

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Mısri Sultan Kasımpaşa Mosque

It is located in Hacı Eyüp Mısrî Street in Mısrî Neighborhood. It was built in 1483 by Şakkancıoğlu Evliya Kasım Pasha. It is known as Mısri Sultan Mosque because of the tomb of Mısri Sultan (Abdürrahim Mısri) located next to the mosque.

Abdurrahim Misrî, one of the famous sufis of the 15th century, is the famous figure he took his name from. He was the son of Mevlana Alaeddin, the great scholar of Afyonkarahisar. Abdurrahim received his primary education from his father and later became the teacher of Fatih Sultan Mehmet in Beypazarı in 1437.

He met with Aksemsettin and became his disciple, participated in the conquest of Istanbul, and then left Istanbul with Aksemsettin. Abdurrahim Mısrî returned to his hometown Afyonkarahisar in 1458, and in the madrasas in Gedik Ahmet Pasha and Mısrî neighborhood.

The most important work of Abdurrahim Misri, known for his scholarship, poetism and sufism, is the ‘Vahdetname’, which consists of 3030 couplets. Other works include: minYet'ül-Ebrar and Gunyet'ül-Ahyar, Translation-i Kaside-i Raiyye and Vahdetname Risale-I fi Eşrati's-Saat and Işkname.

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