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Sandıklı, the city center is 60 km away. Sandıklı was established in Antalya-Denizli highway and Izmir-Ankara-Istanbul railway line. Sandıklı became a district in 1924. It is located on the Antalya-Ankara highway. Its hot spring and roasted chickpeas are very famous. Although it is not known exactly when the district was established, it was discovered by the research that it was founded during the Phrygians. Hittites BC with the collapse of 1200 years Phrygian state was established. Sandıklı also gained importance in this period. Part of the Pentapolis, which includes five cities in the region known as Yanık Phrygia in the past, are important settlements and ancient cities of Koçhisar (Hierapolis), Karasandıklı (Bruzeus), hinge (Stekteriom) and Yanıkören (Otreus) which are spread over the present day Sandıklı plain. M.S. After 395, it remained under Byzantine rule until 1078. After the Battle of Malazgirt in 1071, Kutalmışoğlu Süleyman, Mesut, Dolatan, Emir Alpyoluk, Afşin and Sanduk Beys were the leading Turkish tribes who came to Anatolia. Afyonkarahisar and Sandıklı region were completely taken from the Byzantines by the Dolatan and Emir Sanduk forces until the Akdag section.

Sandıklı and its villages were occupied by the Greeks during the War of Independence, but it did not last long. The War of Independence was transferred to the Republic of Turkey as a result of administration. Although the economy of the district is based on animal husbandry and agriculture, industry and trade have developed in recent years and Akdag Nature Park has become a center of attraction with its unique nature. The Hüdai thermal springs in the district are also rich in thermal tourism potential and contribute greatly to the economy of the district.

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