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Şuhut, which is located in the eastern part of the inner Aegean region, is 29 km away from the city center. Şuhut became a district in 1946. Şuhut is famous for its ‘Keşkek’ dinner. It is an important meat and potato center. It is estimated that Şuhut Hisar, Karaadilli and Kepirtepe Höyüğü, which date back to the Neolithic Age, are the works of this age.

It is known that the capital of Kuvalya, which was a Principality of the Kingdom of Mira, ruled in the provinces of Afyonkarahisar and Kütahya during the Hittite period, was Şuhut. On the other hand, the clear history of Şuhut was drawn by the Phrygian commander, Akamas, who had participated in the Trojan Wars and was among the defeated. It started with the establishment of kur Synnada ’in 1180. B.C. It has been a capital and civilization center in Roman period in its history dating back to 3500s. When it came under Turkish rule (1219), it took the name of ‘Shuhut en, referring to Sheikh Shuhudi Omar Efendi, one of the Islamic soldiers. Şuhut, which was under Turkish domination, was founded in 1150 by the Akan tribes who migrated to the south of Central Asia. In the War of Independence, Şuhut is a district that has had the honor of hosting the Great Leader Atatürk and the Commander-in-Chief headquarters for a short time.


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