Suvermez Martyrdom

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Suvermez Martyrdom

In every span of Anatolia, there are blood drops of martyrs in every inch of Anatolia. Afyonkarahisar 's place in the district of Ankara on the road and we do not even know the name of this silent land once the most violent and merciless days of the war took place ..

Waterless martyrdom As a result of the intense fire opened by enemy reconnaissance aircraft during the War of Independence, it was a martyrdom built in the name of the two soldiers killed in 1971 in the village of Suvermez. Our hero soldiers left victorious from Antep and Maraş fronts and joined 4th Artillery Battalion to Afyon front. The name of the martyr was identified in the inscription of Niğde Aksaray Hasan Ali son of October 21, 1922 is written.


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