Taşhan Bazaar

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Taşhan Bazaar

Afyonkarahisar center Umurbey neighborhood, Yemeniciler Bazaar. The building, which is also known as Hoca Üveys Inn, was built by Kadı Abdullah Efendi in close proximity to the square and with the contributions of the shopkeepers. The inn was built of rubble masonry. There are hedgehog-like protrusions in the arch ribs of the brick structure, the vaulted passage, the portico on the second floor and the eaves. It is used in the jambs and pediments of the smooth cut stone door, window and jamb stones and the second floor arch legs. Since Tashan is a touristic bazaar, tourists can drink tea and coffee. Many handicraft products such as marbling arts and rosary are exhibited as well as souvenirs.

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